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Forage Crop Pocket Guide

A practical guide to forage production that anyone can read and understand. This booklet is packed with useful facts and reference lists related to plant characteristics, fertilizer and nutrients, stand establishment, animal requirements, grazing, and forage quality, including hay and silage. It was developed by the authors of the book, Southern Forages. 56 pages 3.5 x 6 in.

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Forrajes De Las Américas (Spanish translation of Southern Forages)

The book is a translation and adaptation of the 4th edition of the popular textbook Southern Forages

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Grass and Legume Posters

The authors of Southern Forages have created two full-color posters: 1) Forage Legumes and 2) Forage Grasses. Each poster includes 30 photos with seed drawings and descriptions. Appropriate for classrooms, dealerships, seed stores, or on the farm. 24 x 30 in. Note: There is an increase in shipping costs if sent in a tube rather than folded. Please specify when ordering.

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Informaciones Agronómicas de Hispanoamérica (Northern Latin America, Mexico and Central America)

A quarterly magazine where you can find technical information about the management and dynamics of N, P, K, S and other nutrients in farming systems of the region. (Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua)

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Manual on the Nutrition and Fertilization of Banana

This publication emphasizes modern concepts of soil fertility and mineral nutrition in banana production, particularly diagnostic procedures which allow for the development of practical fertilizer recommendations for high yields. It summarizes information generated from more than 15 years of work conducted by the Costa Rican Banana Growers Association. It is presented from a perspective of efficient and economic use of mineral fertilizers and an objective evaluation of organic amendments and their contribution to the susceptibility of the banana production system. The manual is available both in English and Spanish, popular with a range of readers including farm managers, researchers, technicians, students, and others. 54 pages 8.5 x 11 in.

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Nutrient Source Specifics (Spanish)

Está buscando información resumida de la producción, uso agrícola, prácticas de manejo y propiedades químicas de los fertilizantes químicos más conocidos? Las fichas técnicas Fuentes de Nutrientes - Específicos, son páginas individuales que resaltan varios fertilizantes y fuentes de nutrientes. Escritas por personal científico del IPNI, se enfocan principalmente para uso educacional dirigido a una audiencia general. Para recomendaciones específicas de su uso, por favor consulte con su agrónomo o especialista local.

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